Monday, January 7, 2013 by Keith

Steel and Steam locomotives in a Cleveland Roundhouse

Steel and Steam locomotives in a Roundhouse all being restored by Cleveland volunteers. There are over 20 pieces of vintage stock, the famous 1918 USRA Light Mikado steam locomotive - the 4070, that was featured in the movie "The Natural". 

The Midwest Railway Organization, MRPS, is restoring vintage railroad equipment of every size, type and description. They figure out how to remake, redesign and fabricate the things that cannot be bought.

They are located in Cleveland's flats at 2800 West 3rd Street. 

Come down and enjoy a part of America's Great Railroading past. It's an amazing experience that is well worth the time! 

Steam Engine


Box CarAmTrackCaboose

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  1. Dude, As always you rock.

    Comment by Dave Kujanek, — January 9, 2013 @8:20 pm

  2. Thanks Man.
    The trains are pretty cool and I never knew they were down in the flats.
    Happy New Year!

    Comment by Keith, — January 9, 2013 @10:16 pm

  3. KB, wow, love the piece on the trains. Giovanni would love to see this! Love the movie too.
    Glad to see you kickin off 2013!
    You and LInda are the BEST.

    Comment by christine luciano, — January 10, 2013 @1:10 pm

  4. Hi Chris,
    Gio would love it. Let’s head down there sometime and show him the cars.
    Happy New Years sweetie!

    Comment by Keith, — January 10, 2013 @3:22 pm

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