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Infographic: How Much ‘Mad Men’ Characters Would Make Today?

This is a great article posted originally on Design Taxi discussing Ad Men today and Past. Read on and enjoy!

The AMC hit television series Mad Men depicts the American advertising industry in the 1960s. A lot has changed since the real Mad Men revolutionized advertising.

An infographic by Carrington College CA Online shows the careers of the Mad Men characters if they worked in the modern world, and how the industry has changed since then.

In ‘Mad Men Career Comparison’, creative director Don Draper would be making US$80,630 per year, and would require a bachelor’s degree and 1-5 years of experience.

Secretary Peggy would make US$34,660 per year and require a high school diploma; account executive Pete Campbell would make US$45,350 per year and require a high school diploma; financial officer Lane Pryce would make US$103,910 per year and require a bachelor’s degree and more than 5 years of experience; and political advisor Henry would make US$103,420 per year and require a master’s degree.

According to the infographic, the advertising market has increased from US$57 million in the 1950s to US$131.1 billion in 2010.

Advertising used to be focused on ‘soft sells’, and cigarette advertising was legal.

In contemporary advertising, there’s internet advertising, more minutes of advertising on TV, and cigarette advertising is outlawed.

The top three changes in advertising careers are: diversification in the office and market; no smoking or drinking in the office; and an increase in competition and production.

Was the past of advertising better?

My opinion, it was a lot more Fun.

Madmen Today and Past

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