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Make Your Own Google Map, With DIY-Street View Camera Kit

This is a very interesting article on how you can ad to what Google Maps can't do. Although it tries its best to, Google can’t cover every inch of the world on Street View. Sometimes obscure neighborhoods and streets are left out. 

DIY-Street View is a camera kit that comes with a camera, image processing server, and Google custom street view player support, for you to create a street view map of your neighborhood or wherever you go. 

The 6-sensor camera records 30-megapixel images, covers 360 x 165 degrees, with a release interval of 2 second—with a battery life of up to 6 hours. 

The system then stitches together the images, complete with geotags. 

You can also purchase a car mount and backpack for camera kit. 

Being able to Street-View your own neighbourhood can help others when they refer for directions and you can even ‘Street View’ your backpacking adventure, or the inside of your home if you’re putting it on the market. 

Lots of uses for this cool tool!



Google Map Camera

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