Monday, May 14, 2012 by Keith

Designer Creates Free Photoshop Action That Emulates ‘Toy Camera’ Look


Graphic designer Grey Jay created a Photoshop action that lets you emulate the similar aesthetic you get with toy cameras for your digital photos.

Called ‘Holgarizer’, the Adobe Photoshop action helps you get the look of Lomography cameras for your photographs—if you happen to be shooting with a handheld digital camera, instead of your iPhone/Android where you can ‘Instagram’ the photos. 

“I began using it on my own crappy digital images and before long friends started asking me, ‘What camera are you using? What film are you shooting?’ Well, that was it, I was simply running the Holgarizer Action in Photoshop.” Jay wrote.

“Now people are probably more likely to ask what effect in Instagram I’m using. Times change. Artistic mediums and tools change with them, I guess.”

Jay has made the action freely available to public, download the Holgarizer Action here.



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