Tuesday, January 12, 2010 by Keith

McDonalds McCafe Bus Stops

McCafe at Bus Stops

McDonalds McCafe at bus stops. What a concept in this cold time of the year, having a hot cup of your favorite beverage while waiting at a bus stop. The concept was this, the hot beverage steaming up the interior glass at the stop and a man inside drawing a happy face on the steamed up glass over a big cup of McCafe.

We shot it in the studio and really used a lot of steam on a 5 x 8 foot piece of plate glass. It was a moist shoot and the final products are popping up all over. Enjoy a cup today!

PS. The Art Director from this shoot is now working on a freelance basis. It's hard times in the ad business, so if you are looking for a great creative, visit Greg Luvison's Website.

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